"Protecting the Public-Serving our Community”

The Webb County Community Supervision & Corrections Department was first established circa 1980 with only one certified probation officer. Presently, the C.S.C.D. consists of two local offices in Laredo and another in Zapata with a staff of totaling 60 including 35 Certified Probation Officers delivering professional supervision services to approximately 3079 offenders sentenced to community supervision by local courts.

The C.S.C.D. operates under the direction of Attorney Melinda Vidaurri along with the support of the Webb County Board of Judges:

Honorable Hugo D. Martinez, County Court At Law I
Honorable Jesus “Chuy” Garza, County Court At Law II
Honorable Oscar J. Hale Jr, 406th District Court
Honorable Joe Lopez, 49th District Court
Honorable Monica Zapata-Notzon, 111th District Court
Honorable Rebecca Ramirez-Palomo, 341st District Court

Our Mission

The Webb County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is committed to providing continued protection to the public through the use of Court ordered sanctions and services.

The Department’s basic philosophies for managing offenders within the local justice system are risk management and rehabilitation. Therefore an alternative to incarceration is a structured supervisory plan for offenders placed on community supervision.

Offenders are ultimately held responsible and accountable for their actions.

Long Range Goals

The Webb County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is committed to the following goals:

  • * Increasing its involvement and responsibility in developing sentencing programs that ultimately provide effective sanctions for misdemeanor and felony offenders;

    * Providing increased opportunities for misdemeanor and felony offenders to make restitution to victims of crime through financial reimbursement;

    * Providing increased use of community penalties designed specifically to meet local needs; and

    * Promoting effective delivery of community-based correctional programs consistent with the objectives designed by law.


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