We invite you to navigate the Webb County Auditor’s Financial Transparency online information center. This is an ongoing project with the intention of maintaining transparency and accountability by Webb County.

One of our new features is the check register provided by month. This check register represents accounts payable transactions. Please note that the first pages of the report will contain liability payments for items such as tax refunds, payroll deductions, state fees and reductions for retainage fees; thereafter, checks are categorized by department. If several departments purchased material from the same vendor, our system will issue one check to cover countywide expenditures. Therefore, the "Department Amount" column will show only the portion paid for the department listed. If you have any questions regarding a transaction please contact the department that made the transaction. The check register does not show activity by third party administrators nor demand bank accounts administered by elected officials.
  Check Register by Month      
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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)    
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  2013 CAFR  
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Annual Budget by Fiscal Year    
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Proposed Budget by Fiscal Year
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