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About Us

Our department is divided into four distinct divisions that provide diverse customer service to county building and facilities including parks and grounds. Our county is situated in 3,376 sq. miles of land and a county-wide population of approximately 256,496. Our goal in striving to improve with excellent delivery in customer service for the general public and its employees will bring us to a new place of progressive solutions and implementation of best practices.

The department has been entrusted with maintaining approximately 70 buildings and approximately 100,000 square feet of office building space and facilities including parks and grounds. Click here to view list.

BUILDING DIVISION TEAM employs a total of 18 workers, consisting of Journeymen Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, General Repair Technicians, and Locksmiths.

HVAC DIVISION TEAM employs five (5) workers, consisting of Energy Management Technicians and HVAC Technicians.

PARKS & GROUNDS DIVISION employs six (6) workers, consisting of Grounds Keepers, Dump Truck Driver/Equipment Operators that maintain county parks and grounds.

CUSTODIAL DIVISION employs 19 custodians.

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF is composed of three clerks and one interim Office Manager that support the Department Director.

The Facilities and Building Maintenance Department Director is accountable to the Webb County Commissioners Court for yearly budget proposals, in anticipation of the projected fiscal year expenses for the department.

We encourage your feedback for any comments or recommendations on how we can help you. Please email:

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