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Employee Development

Employee Recognition Program: Communication is key to the success of any organization. Therefore, FBM is implementing a program that will allow for maintaining open lines of communication between management, supervisors and employees. Our vision is to reward our employees for reaching specific goals and producing high quality results in the workplace. We honor employees for the level of service they deliver. This means through encouraging good behavior, we get repeated positive results. Each month an employee is recognized for their commitment to deliver high quality work.

Academic Success Program: As part of the vision to promote within the department, our academic success program encourages employees to earn a GED, vocational training and/or certifications in a specialized area in order to qualify for a better positions that will enhance their personal and professional development.

Technical Training: Providing basic computer skill training to employees and encouraging the use of technology as a standard practice in communication and training on the benefits of using Smart Phone applications.

Employee Development Meetings (EDMs): Since we value communication to a high degree for the success of our department, we have implemented an Employee Development Meeting Program to include monthly meeting with Supervisors and their sub-counterparts that will maintain the lines of communication open. These EDMs provide a venue for employees to communicate any work-related issues that the department may need to address before they reach a level of “damage control”. EDMs will allow for the communication of any personal issues that may be affecting the employee’s performance. EDMs are a safe place for employees to share the struggles that they may be dealing with so we can identify any issues that require resolve, intervention, or assistance. This will allow for a healthy and productive environment in the workplace.

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