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"Going Green"

Our goal is to establish standards in “Going Green” that are environmentally conscience. Energy efficient and sustainable business practices are on the horizon for our Department. Some “Green” Initiatives that have been implemented which fall in line with the U.S. Small Business Administration recommendations include:

Energy Management Taken to a Higher Power: Integrating an approach that enables public-private partnerships dedicated to designing and constructing results in high performance facilities that are not only safe, comfortable and energy efficient, but also attractive financially, which falls in line with our vision for maximizing performance and financial return resulting from investing renewable capabilities and encouraging LEED Certified buildings to include:

• Building Automation Systems/Building Management Control Systems

• Energy efficient retrofits

• Energy use measurement and verification

• Energy and Emissions Management Systems (carbon footprint management)

• Water conservation and measurement

• High-efficiency chillers and HVAC equipment

• Underfloor air distribution systems

• Sustainable energy education and communication programs

Office Equipment: Maximizing savings with laptops and placing our A/C adapters on power safe, is saving the county money. Computer upgrades have been to laptops, which use much less energy than a desktop computer, resulting in long-term savings.

Food Service Equipment: Using ENRGY STAR qualified commercial food service equipment. This brand equipment can safe over 45% of the energy used by conventional models, which equals as much as $140 annually for refrigerators and $100 for freezers; retrofitting existing units with anti-sweat door heater controls, and variable speed evaporators fan motors and controls.

Recycling: Implementing environmentally friendly practices at all levels is our goal. Currently, we recycle our office paper, and use hand air dryers in our bathroom facilities. Our sand bags material is recycled and reused.

Green Building Design: Our vision for a green building is the implementation of LED lighting and recyclable materials. The intent of the energy-efficient design for new construction and/or remodeling is to utilize equipment while optimizing the use of natural energy sources. The ultimate goal is to provide increased comfort with reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas pollution. Energy-efficient design and construction does not need to cost any more than standard design. Using the ENERGY-STAR DESIGN Guidelines will enable this vision become a reality for our community.

Cleaning Products: Our custodians are using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products that are safe and effective.

Green Power and Renewable Energy: A long-term vision is to have our electricity supplied by from energy resources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydro.

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