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Work Order Request

Attention: All Webb County Personnel

In order to streamline our work order service requests and improve customer service the Facilities & Building Maintenance Department (FBM) has established a new policy for submitting work order requests.

All service requests must be submitted via email to: If your work order requires construction or renovation, a Scope of Services Contract will need to be signed (by department head) which will include a detailed description of the requested work, proposed required materials, estimated time of completions and any result specific deliverables. This scope of services contact should be signed prior to beginning the work.

Our estimates will be compared to outside contractor so Department can realize savings.

In your service request, please include the following:

Division Request For: Building | Custodial | HVAC | Parks & Grounds
Requestor Name:
Department Name:
Contact #:
Priority Level 1, 2, or 3 (1 being High Priority) and/or any timeframe of specificity (priority date).
Please be as detailed as possible with your request.

Thank you for helping us serve you better. We welcome your feedback at:

Gilberto J. Garza

“Excellence is our Goal”
Facilities & Building Maintenance (FBM)

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