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Under the direction of new innovative leadership, the department is implementing cutting-edge technology standards. With the advancements in technology and a growing population within Webb County, we believe it is crucial to establish best practices and implement innovative solutions that will position us for the continual future growth and a state of competitiveness.

Mobility: Wi-Fi units for off-site employees are being introduced by way of hot-spots for remote access on location when traveling to the various cities within the county. This provides for a more effective and efficient real-time communication with updates to the department on time-sensitive work orders.

Meeting Rooms: Implementing state-of-the art electronic equipment for effective communications, such as installing large, wall-mounted monitors to enable a more suitable meeting environment for presentations.

Infrastructure: Improvements with office-wide infrastructure, furniture upgrades and remodeling.

Office Equipment: Improvements with office-wide telephone equipment, computer software and hardware, as well as upgrades with Macintosh hand-held devices for management staff that will assist in state-of-the art communication.

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