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Our Vision: To operate efficiently and effectively with excellent and consistent customer service to Webb County building and facilities.

Our Mission: To provide a clean, safe, adequate office environment to employees and the thousands of visitors to our Webb County buildings and facilities.

Our Values: Through the implementation of best practices that deliver excellent, professional and consistent quality service.

Under new leadership, our vision is to implement "change management" in not only operating more efficiently and effectively but also to allow employees the opportunity for personal and professional growth which will infuse collective empowerment as a Department. With the implementation of new programs, which encourage employee development, our team members now have an opportunity to improve and advance personally, academically and professionally, ultimately creating a benefit to our community.

• As a Department, we encourage a team-work, positive attitude and a team lead environment of excellence toward delivering only the highest quality services.

• As a Division within each category of service, we encourage employee development and promote personal and professional growth.

• The Department encourages employees to set high personal standards to qualify for internal promotions and encourages employees to acquire training or enlist in academic programs for attaining a higher level of education for upcoming job opportunities within the Department.

• The Department’s ultimate goal is the implementation of "Transformational Leadership" that enhances motivation of employees, improves morale, and the performance of each follower to be the best at their game.

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