Projects in Progress in Precinct 2

There are many projects in progress, in difference stages of completion, which are being carried out concurrently throughout Precinct Two. I want to share the progress with my constituents so they can also see for themselves and feel the great satisfaction of the projects which are currently underway.

The Colonias on HWY 359 will now have paved streets and all residents will have running water and sewer. One new project that I am happy to announce is the very much needed and long awaited School Bus Shelters on HWY 59 and HWY 359. Another project that is almost completed is the New Quad-City area Fire Station and the expansion of the Justice of the Peace Office/ Sheriff’s Sub-station in Oilton, Texas. Additionally, the residents of Bruni, Texas will have the very first park in the history of the township. These are the few examples of what I have been working on to improve the quality of life of all residents throughout Precinct Two.

In this link I will be keeping you posted on the various projects that are in progress throughout Precinct 2.

Old Milwaukee East HWY 359
Completed January 2012
Bus Shelters on HWY 59
Completed January 2012
Expansion of Offices of the
Justice of the Peace Pct 3, Constable Pct 3
and Sheriff Substation

New Fire Station for the Quad-City Area
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 4/03/2012

Ranchitos Paving 359
Completed December 2011
New Bruni Park in Bruni, Texas

Hwy 359 Bus Shelters

Pueblo Nuevo Paving
& House to Line Connections
Casa Blanca Dam
Tanquecitos Paving Project
Completed November 2012
D-5 Acers Paving Project
Completed July 2011
Los Altos Paving Project
Completed September 2011
San Carlos Paving Project
Completed May 2014
San Enrique Paving Project
Completed May 2014
Bruni Center Expansion
Future Site of the Webb County/Whitetail Wind Energy Training Center
Bruni Texas Lite Up
Completed Septemeber 2014
Larga Vista Community Center Improvement
Completed July 2014
Larga Vista Community Center Parking Lot Project
Completed July 16 2015
Las Blancas Park Hwy 359
Larga Vista Park Upgrade


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