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DISCLAIMER: These maps have been produced by the County of Webb and made available for general reference purposes only; as such, the data should not be used, or relied upon for specific applications without independent verification. The County of Webb neither represents, nor warrants data accuracy, completeness, nor will the County accept liability of any kind in conjunction with its use.

The use of this data indicates your unconditional acceptance of all risks associated with the use of this data.

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Section County  
1.1 County Commissioner Precincts Adobe Logo
1.2.A Election/Voting Precincts - Rural Areas Adobe Logo
1.2.B Election/Voting Precincts - Urban Areas Adobe Logo
1.3 Justices-of-the-Peace & Constables Adobe Logo
Section  Municipal 
1.4  City of El Cenizo Corporate Limits (TWDB Colonia No. 2400043) Adobe Logo
1.5  City of Laredo Corporate Limits & 5-Mile Extra Territorial Jurisdiction Adobe Logo
1.6.A  City of Rio Bravo Corporate Limits (TWDB Colonia No. 2400042) Adobe Logo
1.6.B  City of Rio Bravo Corporate Limits (TWDB Colonia No. 2400042) Adobe Logo
Section  State & Special Districts   
1.7  Texas House of Representative Districts in Webb County Adobe Logo
1.8  Webb County School Districts Adobe Logo
1.9  Webb County Drainage District No. 1 Adobe Logo
1.10 Webb County , Texas Water & Wastewater CCNs Adobe Logo
2.1 Webb County General Information Map Adobe Logo
2.2 Webb County Colonia Location Map Adobe Logo
2.3 Webb County Road Map Adobe Logo
3.1  Casa Blanca Country Club Tract (Golf Course, Park, LIFE Downs, etc...) Adobe Logo
3.2  Casa Blanca Country Club Tract - Eastern Portion Adobe Logo
3.3  Casa Blanca Country Club Tract - Western Portion Adobe Logo
3.4 Webb County Schools Lands Adobe Logo
SECTION 4 - SUBDIVISIONS - Unincorporated Areas  
4.1  Aguilares and Aguilares Acres (TWDB Colonia No. 2400037) Adobe Logo
4.2 Los Botines And Replates (TWDB Colonia No. 2400006) Adobe Logo
4.3  Bonanza Hills Subdivision Adobe Logo
4.4  Bruni TWDB Colonia No. 2400039) Adobe Logo
4.5  Colorado Acres (TWDB Colonia No. 2400023) Adobe Logo
4.6  D-5 Acres (TWDB Colonia No. 2400034) Adobe Logo
4.7  East Gate Acres (TWDB Colonia No. 2400009) Adobe Logo
4.8 Four Points (TWDB Colonia No. 2400003) Adobe Logo
4.9 Hillside Acres I & II (TWDB Colonia No. 2400013) Adobe Logo
4.10 International Commerce Center Adobe Logo
4.11 La Coma(TWDB Colonia No. 2400032) Adobe Logo
4.12 La Moca and Surrounding Area (Inc. Los Huisaches I & II, TWDB Colonia No. 2400001) Adobe Logo 
4.13 La Presa (TWDB Colonia No. 2400040) Adobe Logo
4.14 Laredo Ranchettes Inc. (TWDB Colonia No. 240A003) Adobe Logo
4.15 Las Blancas (TWDB Colonia No. 240A003) Adobe Logo
4.16 Las Haciendas Unit I Adobe Logo 
4.17 Las Lomas Section 1,2 & Los Veteranos 59 (TWDB Colonia No. 2400005 & 2400024) Adobe Logo
4.18 Las Pilas Unit I & II (TWDB Colonia No. 2400011) Adobe Logo
4.19 Los Altos, Phase I (TWDB Colonia No. 2400033) Adobe Logo
4.20 Los Corralitos Subdivision (TWDB Colonia No. 2400018) Adobe Logo
4.21 Los Minerales Ranchos IV, Annex & Antonio Santos (TWDB Colonia No. 2400014 & 2400015) Adobe Logo
4.22 Los Veteranos - SH 359 (TWDB Colonia No. 2400036) Adobe Logo
4.23 Los Veteranos 83 Subdivision (TWDB Colonia No. 2400025) Adobe Logo
4.24 Mirando and Mirando Addition (TWDB Colonia No. 2400038) Adobe Logo
4.25 Oilton and Rodriguez Addition (TWDB Colonia No. 2400035) Adobe Logo
4.26  Old Milwaukee (TWDB Colonia No. 240A001) Adobe Logo
4.27 Pinto Valle Industrial Park Adobe Logo
4.28 Pueblo East (TWDB Colonia No. 2400012) Adobe Logo
4.29 Pueblo Nuevo (TWDB Colonia No. 2400031) Adobe Logo
4.30 Ranchitos 359 East (TWDB Colonia No. 240A002) Adobe Logo
4.31 Ranchitos Los Arcos (TWDB Colonia No. 2400019) Adobe Logo
4.32 Ranchitos Los Centenarios (TWDB Colonia No. 2400021) Adobe Logo
4.33 Ranchitos Los Fresnos (TWDB Colonia No. 2400020) Adobe Logo
4.34 Ranchitos Los Mesquites (TWDB Colonia No. 2400016) Adobe Logo
4.35 Ranchitos Los Nopalitos(TWDB Colonia No. 2400017) Adobe Logo
4.36 Ranchitos Penitas West (TWDB Colonia No. 2400007) Adobe Logo
4.37 Regency Village (Replat Tract # 117, Las Lomas) (TWDB Colonia No. 2400026) Adobe Logo
4.38 San Carlos Phase I (aka, San Enrique) & Phase II (TWDB Colonia No. 2400030) Adobe Logo
4.39 Sunset Acres; Replat Tract #12, Four Points (TWDB Colonia No. 2400004) Adobe Logo
4.40 Tanquecitos South Acres (I & II) - (TWDB Colonia No. 2400028) Adobe Logo
4.41 Valle Verde (TWDB Colonia No. 2400008) Adobe Logo
4.42 Vela, Felix Estate (Included with Rio Bravo area TWDB Colonia No. 2400042) Adobe Logo
4.43 Village East (TWDB Colonia No. 2400010) Adobe Logo
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