The Webb County Purchasing Board composed of three District Judges and two County Commissioners appointed Dr. Cecilia May Moreno to head the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Agent and staff act as buyers of all county materials, supplies, capital equipment and services.

Webb County Purchasing Agent
Planned Approach

The Webb County Purchasing Department will maintain an efficient purchasing department engaged in the procurement of goods and services according to State Statues and approved County Policies and Procedures. Webb County will receive goods and services of the highest quality and at the best price. The Webb County Purchasing Department will be recognized for the customer service it provides and for its honesty and integrity.


1. All purchase order transactions will be conducted according to the State Statues and Webb County policies and procedures.
2. Purchasing records will be maintained according to state and county requirements. They will be safely secured and accessible for official business.
3. In-house internal audits will be conducted to determine that the Purchasing Department and other County Department are following purchasing procedures. 
4. An up to date vendor list will be available to departments and others as necessary.
5.Training for Webb County employees involved in the purchasing process will be conducted.
6. Disposal of surplus and salvage property will be coordinated with the purchasing department with approval of the Webb Commissioner’s Court.
7. The Purchasing Department will coordinate with other County Departments to review proposals and bid specifications before the bid specifications are available to the public.
8. A list of all annual contracts and their respective start and end dates will be maintained.
9. The bidding process will be conducted with honesty and integrity providing confidentiality/transparency as appropriate.
10. Cost containment will be practiced; the Webb County Purchasing Department will identify areas of potential savings for Webb County.
11.The Webb County Purchasing Department will be a partner to other Webb County Departments and be ready to assist whenever possible.
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