Bid Number Description
BID 2011-08 Colonia Rancho Penitas West Project
RFP 2012-101 Lease Office Space for Webb County
BID 2012-200 Lease of Penjamo & Llano Pastures
BID 2012-201 Remodeling & Additions
BID 2012-202 SHC (3) Homes
BID 2012-203 Rehabilitation of Homes
BID 2012-203-01 Rehabilitation of Homes
BID 2012-206 Rehabilitation of 1 Home
BID 2012-204 & 205 Rehabilitation of 2 Homes
RFP 2012-106 Webb County Bruni Recreational Center Addition
RFP 2013-001 New Home Construction Built by 501(c) (3) Non-Profice Corporation
RFP 2012-108 Inmate Commissary Services
BID 2013-100 Laboratory Shooting
RFP 2013-003 Repair SCADA System at Rio Bravo Water Treatment Plant
RFP 2013-005 Purchase of Land with Building for Webb County Tax Office
RFP 2013-008 Vacuum/Hydro Excavation of the Sedimentation Ponds at the Rio Bravo Water Treatment Plant
BID 2013-18 TxDOT BCAP Colonia San Carlos I & II
BID 2013-20 Rehabilitation of 4 Homes
RFQ 2013-15 C.S.C.D./PAL Office Building
RFP 2014-01 Kiosk Services for County
RFP 2014-07-01 Remodeling of Webb County Building
RFP 2014-02 County Billing Audit Services
BID 2014-03 Rehabilitation of 2 Homes
RFP 2014-02 County Billing Audit Services
RFP 2014-03 Emergency Medical Services
RFP 2014-04 Golf Course Kitchen & Repairs
RFP 2014-06 Webb County Building Roof Replacement
RFP 2014-08 Sheriff's Administration Building Parking/Fencing
BID 2014-1 TDA-Rehab (1) Home
BID 2014-02 Rehabilitation of 5 Homes
BID 2014-03 Webb County Economic Development TDA Rehab
BID 2014-04 Rehabilitation of 2 Homes
RFQ 2014-010 Youth Residential Services
RFP 2014-09 Webb County Main Fire Station and Administration Building
BID 2014-05 Rehabilitation of 2 Homes
RFQ 2014-005 Webb County Design Build for the Wind Farm Industry
RFQ 2014-006 Consultant for Design and Construction of Water Parks
RFQ 2013-07 Engineering Services for Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant
RFQ 2014-001 Architect or Engineer Services - Webb County Jail and Law Enforcement Complex
RFQ 2014-008 Hwy 59 Colonias Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analyses Master Drainage Plan
RFP 2015-04 Rio Bravo Regional WWTP
RFP 2015-01-1 Training Classes for Commercial Licenses
BID 2015-1 Jail Surveillance Camera Equipment
RFP 2015-03 Inmate Commissary Services
RFP 2015-15-1 Building Asbestos Removal
RFP 2015-06 Water Utilities Risk Management Program Development
BID 2015-4 SHC Rehab Homes
RFP 2015-16 Webb County Fire Station & Administration Building
RFP 2015-13 Comprehensive eRecording & Document Management
RFP 2015-11 Rio Bravo Soccer Field Improvements
RFP 2016-53 Webb County Youth Village Surveillance Camera Project
RFP 2015-14 Telehealth Program
RFP 2016-02 La Presa Park Soccer Field
RFP 2016-02-1 La Presa Park Soccer Field

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