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Bruni Public Health Facility
219 N. Avenue B
Bruni, Texas 78344
Phone: 956-523-5030
Fax: 956-795-0736
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays
  • Bruni Public Health Facility
  • Bruni Public Health Facility
  • Bruni Public Health Facility
  • Bruni Public Health Facility
  • Bruni Public Health Facility


The Health Services Department interacts closely with local healthcare providers and various other state and federal organizations to better assist applicants with their specific health related issues. Many individuals may not have adequate access to healthcare if they are dealing with socioeconomic issues, such as: homelessness, mental health illness, poverty, drug addiction, lack of transportation, non-legal residency status, or other issues. Our caseworkers are certified as Community Health Workers and assist clients in accessing needed services through case management, information, outreach, patient navigation, health education, and direct referral to community partners such as:

• Federally Qualified Health Clinic
• City Health Department
• Physicians
• Mental Health Authorities
• Pharmacies
• Hospitals
• State Health Services Department
• Health & Human Services Commission
• Social Security Administration
• School Districts
• Health Care Associations
• Academic Health Science Centers
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Funeral Homes
• Consulates
• Medical Examiner

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