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Constable Precinct 4
8501 San Dario Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78045
Phone: 956-523-5100
Fax: 956-718-9694
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays
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Harold Devally was elected as Constable of Precinct 4 on July 2012. Since taking his oath of office in January 2013, Constable Devally has worked diligently with both City and County Officials to bring much needed equipment and improvements to the precinct. He also continues to work closely with the school district and community organizations to enhance the quality of life for the citizens he serves in Precinct 4.

Constable Devally began his career in law enforcement in 1986 with the Webb County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer. He later received his Texas Peace Officers License in 1988 and continued to expand his career in law enforcement. Constable Devally gained extensive knowledge of juvenile and parent needs while assigned to juvenile investigations with the County Attorney’s Office and also gained extensive knowledge and experience in the area of civil process while working as a Deputy Constable in Pct. 1 under the guidance of former Constable Raul Hinojosa. With the training and experience he obtained over the years, Constable Devally returned to the Webb County Sheriff’s Office where he oversaw the Civil and Warrants Division and Court Security Divisions as the ranking officer of Administrative Captain. Working closely with the judicial court system, Constable Devally understood the needs and demands of the judicial system and the importance of working in a proficient and timely manner to adhere to the needs of the civil and criminal dockets.

Throughout his career advancements in law enforcement, Constable Devally continued to thrive and obtain his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Midwestern University. With his degree, he became an instructor at the South Texas Regional Police Academy where he proudly shared his career experiences and knowledge with new cadets who would serve this community as licensed peace officers.

Within his 30 years of law enforcement, Devally has served on many coalitions within the law enforcement community and has served as an advocate for safety in schools for faculty, staff and students. He is an active member of his parish St. Patrick’s Church where he and his wife and three children attend.

With just over a year in office, he took part in initiating and working closely with county and city officials to create the building plans for the New City and County Building located on the 600 block of Del Mar. This new state of the art building will not only be the new home for the Deputy Constable’s of Precinct 4, it will also be equipped with state of the art equipment carrying the office into the 21st Century. Most importantly, the new facility will be accessible to constituents of all ages to better serve the citizens of Precinct 4.

In addition to the new building project, Constable DeVally has made it a priority to work collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies. It is through the hard working relationships that Constable Devally has been successful in providing the very best of law enforcement services to the fastest growing precinct in Webb County.

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