Housed on the second floor of the Justice Center, the Webb County Clerk´s office deals with real property records and vital statistics as well as both County Courts at Law. The office has an area for court records, a private room for the issuance of marriage licenses and an automated real property room which is available to the public for research. A large fireproof and humidity- resistant vault holds all active records for the County Courts and Commissioners Court. The department also houses an additional vault where all court cases, particularly those involving juvenile or mental competency cases are restricted from public view.

The role of the county clerk is the recorder and custodian of vital statistics, deeds, contracts and legal documents. The elected officer serves as clerk of both the Commissioners Court and the County Courts at Law.

Feel free to call or to stop by our office and see the great improvements our office is going through.

At your service,

Margie R. Ibarra



***** As of June 1, 2019 of each odd-numbered year, the Ethics Commission is required to certify populations of judicial districts and provide you notice of that certification. For the 2019 population certification for each judicial district, go to the following website.


            The population numbers are used to determine the Contribution and Expenditure Limits applicable to judicial candidates. The Contribution and Expenditure Limits are required to be made available to each judicial candidate for a Statutory County Court and a Statutory Probate Court.********

            See the following website for information regarding the Contribution and Expenditure Limits:



For any questions, please contact:

Vanessa A. Zapata

Recording Secretary

Webb County Clerk’s Office

Tel (956) 523-4251



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