The function of the 406th District Court is to resolve legal disputes in both civil and criminal cases.

Types of Cases: Two basic types of cases are heard in Texas Courts: criminal and civil cases. Civil cases include family law matters.

Civil Cases: Civil Cases are tried in the 406th Judicial District Court. They involve civil disputes between two or more parties, which normally are initiated with the filing of a plaintiff’s original petition.

Family Law Cases: Family law cases include divorces, annulments, adoptions, changes of name, termination of parental rights, dependent and neglected child cases, removal of disability of minority, removal of disability of minority for marriage, voluntary legitimation, and juvenile matters which are reported in the Juvenile Section.

Criminal Cases: Criminal cases are those in which someone is charged in court with having violated certain laws called criminal or penal statutes. A person who violates one of these statutes is said to have committed a crime. In Texas, an act is not a crime unless, before the act occurred, the Legislature has passed a statute making the act unlawful.

Jury Trials: The 406th Judicial District Court has handled over 125 jury trials (civil, criminal, and family) since 2005.

Bench Trials: Judge Hale has also presided over 585 bench trials on family law matters since 2005.

From 2005 – July 2020: A total of 18,575
*Disposed Cases

*From inception to Completion:

Civil Cases: 9,481
Family Cases: 5,088
Criminal and Drug Cases: 6,148

Civic Duty/Jury Service: Since 2005, there have been over 9,364 Webb County residents who have participated in the jury selection process at the 406th Judicial District Court, including over 1,664 jurors who have served on petit juries and who have directly contributed to the dispensation of justice. Additionally, there have been over 576 residents who have performed their civic duty by serving on our Grand Juries.

In order for our democratic system of justice to work, we, as residents of Webb County, must continue to do our part by answering the courts’ summons and by participating in the jury selection process. For those of you who have served, we thank you for your assistance in the administration of justice.

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