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Criminal Forms
Waiver of Arraignment
   1. Agreed Recommendations
   2. Plea Memorandum
   3. Application for Community Supervision
   4. Exhibit “A” – Fingerprints
   5. Trial Court’s Certification of Defendant’s Right to Appeal
   6. Notice of Judicial Clemency for Defendants Placed on Community Supervision (Probation)
   7. Acknowledgement of Compliance with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 39.14(a)
   8. Article 42A.301 Plea Addendum
   9. Finding on Inquiry of Sufficient Resources or Income
   10. Written Plea Admonishments
Motion for Deferred Adjudication of Guilt
Pre-Trial Diversion Waiver

Civil Forms
2025 Jury Selection and Trial Dates
2024 Jury Selection and Trial Dates
Pre-Trial Guideline Order
Referral Order to Safe Haven
Webb County Standing Order Regarding Children, Property and Conduct of the         Parties

Local Rules
The Local Rules of the Courts of Webb County Texas

Drug Court Program
Referral Form
Referral Instructions
Drug Court Program Participation Agreement

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