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What is the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP)?
It is a patient assistance program run by pharmaceutical companies that provides medications at no cost or at a reduced cost to people who cannot afford to buy certain prescription medicines.

What types of medications are covered?
This program is limited to long-term/maintenance medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma.

Most Common Medications
TRULICITY, VICTOZA – (diabetes non-insulin injection) JANUVIA, INVOKANA, INVOKAMET XR, XIGDUO XR – (diabetes oral medication) NOVOLOG, LEVEMIR, HUMULIN, HUMALOG (diabetes insulin) SYMBICORT, PROVENTIL , ADVAIR HFA (asthma)

On a monthly basis, an average of 150 people receive assistance with prescription medications valued at an average out-of-pocket cost of $113,000/mo. The saving per year, for over 600 prescription medications that are processed yearly, is estimated at $1,363,985.

What role does Webb County have?
Webb County staff helps county residents in determining which medications the client may potentially qualify for and assist in completing the application, obtaining the required physician signature/prescription and submitting the application along with all required documentation to the respective pharmaceutical companies.

In the event an application is denied, IHC staff will submit a formal request for reconsideration, citing the patient’s specific economic hardships that render them unable to purchase the medication on their own.  

Eligible clients: The determination for eligibility is at the discretion of the respective pharmaceutical company. Webb County has no decision-making authority in the eligibility of an applicant or the types of medications available on these programs.  

What are there eligibility guidelines?
Though each PAP has its own eligibility criteria, the majority of these programs have the following requirements:

* U.S. Residency (some require a valid Social Security No.)
* Income limits ranging from 250% to 400% of the FPL (proof of income required)
* Valid prescription issued by U.S. licensed physician
*No form of public/private insurance coverage (Medicare Part D, Medicaid, private insurance, etc.)
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