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Webb County Indigent Health Care Application English

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Required Documents List & Authorization Form - English

Required Documents List & Authorization Form - Spanish

The Webb County Health Care Services Department was established to assist low-income county residents with obtaining financial coverage for their medical expenses. Webb County has a high rate of uninsured individuals; with a current projected population estimate of 274,794, thirty one percent (31%) or approximately 85,000 residents in Webb County do not have any type of public or private health insurance that will help cover costs associated with their health care needs.

Individuals who lack health insurance coverage face many challenges when trying to access proper healthcare. These disadvantaged individuals must not only cope with the physical, mental and/or emotional aspects of suffering from a chronic, acute, or terminal illness, they must also deal with other factors such as: poverty, unemployment, homelessness, transportation, and/or addiction, which makes it even more difficult to seek and obtain proper medical care.

In an effort to encourage and facilitate access to healthcare, Webb County, through the Webb County Indigent Health Care Services Department, has implemented programs that are required under state statute, legislative mandates, or county-delegated authority. These programs ensure that eligible applicants are able to receive necessary medical care. Residents who qualify under the established eligibility criteria may be assisted with costs associated with the services listed below

Indigent Health Care Program
Emergency Medications Assistance Program
Medical Assistance Program
Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
Immunization Program
Tuberculosis Program
Indigent Burial/ Cremation Program

Consultations with specialists (ex. Cardiologist, oncologist)
Prescription medications
Medical exams (ex. MRI, CT scans)
Lab(s) and x-ray services
Medical treatments (ex. Chemotherapy)
Surgical procedures
Inpatient and outpatient hospital services (including emergency room visits)
Detox (drug/alcohol addiction)
Immunizations (children and adult vaccines)
Tuberculosis (screening test/ direct observation therapy)
Burial or cremation services (for unidentified/ pauper/ indigent decedents)
Disinterment / exhumation for repatriation of decedents

The Health Services Department is also involved in several state and federal initiatives that help secure funding for our local regional safety net hospitals and other health care providers. Webb County participates in Medicaid Supplemental Payment Programs and serves as the Anchor entity for Regional Healthcare Partnership 20 (a four county region consisting of Webb, Maverick, Zapata, and Jim Hogg).

Texas Health Care Transformation And Quality Improvement Program/ (1115 Waiver)
Tobacco Healthcare Expenditures

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