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Justice of the Peace Collections Program

On August 18, 2010, the Webb County Commissioners Court initiated a comprehensive program for the collection of outstanding traffic fines and fees. As a result, the Court has approved a contract with the collections firm of Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, which will assist in these collection efforts and will assess defendants an additional 30% collection fee on the total amount due once citation is referred to the collections firm effective October 2010.


As a final courtesy, there will be an amnesty period during the month of September to pay your balance in full or to make arrangements to pay before incurring additional penalties.  A final notice postcard was sent to top violators notifying them of this amnesty period; however, this applies to anyone with an outstanding citation.  Please visit to search if you have any active traffic warrants and call the respective Justice of the Peace court to make arrangements to pay or you may be arrested and face additional penalties.


Webb County will also be participating in other state sponsored collections programs subjecting you to additional fines and penalties.  Case offenses will be reported to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), who will deny renewal of your vehicle registration and also to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), who will deny renewal of your drivers license.


Everyone with outstanding traffic fines and fees is strongly encouraged to address this matter and make arrangements to pay with the respective JP office to avoid further penalties.  Acceptable methods of payment include cash, checks, and money orders. Please do not send cash in the mail.  Additionally, outstanding citations from JP Precinct 4 may be paid online at, an additional fee of 4.75% applies.

Final Notice


Honorable Hector Liendo
J.P. Precinct 1 Place 1
1110 Victoria St. Suite 106
Laredo, Texas 78041
Honorable Oscar Liendo
J.P. Precinct 1 Place 2
1110 Victoria St. Suite 103
Laredo, Texas 78041
Honorable Ramiro Veliz Jr.
J.P. Precinct 2
901 S. Milmo
Laredo, Texas 78043
Honorable Ricardo Rangel
J.P. Precinct 2, Place 2
901 S. Milmo
Laredo, Texas 78043
Honorable Alfredo Garcia
J.P. Precinct 3
P.O. Box 55
Oilton, Texas 78371
Honorable Oscar Martinez
J.P. Precinct 4
8501 San Dario
Laredo, Texas 78045

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