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Commissioner Precinct 4
1000 Houston St. 1st Floor
Laredo, Texas 78040
Phone: 956-523-4652
Fax: 956-523-5017
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays

Ricardo Alberto Jaime is the son of Guadalupe Arturo and Sandra Garcia Figueroa, born and raised in Laredo, Texas. Ricky entered Laredo’s workforce at the young age of thirteen, working in construction. Soon after, he obtained a job at the Laredo Boys and Girls Club and worked both jobs while attending school, graduating from Martin High School in 1998. He was hired by a local law firm after graduation and obtained his private process server license, working both jobs throughout his studies at Texas A&M International University. In 2002, he began his professional career serving our community as;

    · 2002 Firefighter                              Laredo Fire Department
    · 2004 Bail Bondsman                       J&J Bail Bonds
    · 2008 Partner                                   Angel Care Ambulance Service LLC
    · 2009 Partner                                   Triple A Promotions
    · 2019 Partner                                   Bug Daddy Pest Control Inc.

Mr. Jaime has been active in the community since the start of his professional career, participating at yearly community activities and events designated to help those in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the infamous Texas Winter Freeze, Mr. Jaime demonstrated community support during this difficult time by donating blankets to the Bethany House, participating in vaccine application drives, donating essential equipment to the Calvary Center, and donating back-to –school shoes to the Boys and Girls Club.

As the director of Angel Care Ambulance Services for the past thirteen years, Mr. Jaime had provided 9-11 mutual aid responses to the six counties surrounding Webb County, including Rio Bravo and El Cenizo for the last ten years. Furthermore, Angel Care Ambulance Services has been at the forefront of community Covid-19 vaccine drives.

In addition, Mr. Jaime serves as a board member for the following organizations:

    · Executive Board, Seven Flags Regional Advisory Council (2009)
    · Designee to the Webb County Bail Bond Board (2010)
    · Director of 911 EMS services to Webb County (2011)
    · Board of Director Giving Tree of South Texas, non-profit (2015)
    · President to Laredo Fire Department Federal Credit Union (2021, Director (2016)

Above all, Mr. Jaime attributes his success to his beautiful family. He married Cynthia Carmona Jaime (2005) and together have three children, Andrea Alejandra, Guadalupe Arturo ll and Valeria Sofia.

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