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The Rio Bravo Activity center is one of four community centers in Pct. 1 that is under the direction of Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez and the Webb County Commissioner’s Court.

The Activity center is a place where children can enjoy an array of activities and programs. Our activity center is equipped with a full playground, basketball courts, and a soccer field. Inside the center you will find several gaming stations and computers to assist the children in doing research and homework.

There are many events that take place here at Rio Bravo Activity Center. Agencies such as, S.C.A.N., U.S. Border Patrol, the Webb County Sheriffs’ Department, as well as various others host programs and events for the children to enjoy. We also provide activities such as arts & crafts and movie night.

Please feel free to visit the center or view our calendar anytime to view what events are taking place. We are here to help you in the best way possible. With your help we can continue to provide these exceptional services and bring many more to your reach.

With our most Sincere Gratitude,

Letty Diaz

Rio Bravo Activity Center Director

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