Santa Teresita Community Center is located 15 miles outside the Laredo city limits of US Highway 59, Precint 3. Santa Teresita Community Center is one of nine community centers that are under the direction of the County Judge and Commissioners Court. Santa Teresita Community Center is under the direct supervision of Commissioner John Galo. Santa Teresita Community Center is a place where families can gather to converse and have a goodtime.

Through the Community Center Action Agency's Meals on Wheels program our elderly are provided with a hot meal Monday through Friday. The elderly eat, mingle, play some tunes and share a laugh or two.

Monthly, the South Texas Food Bank visits and distributes food items to residents who qualify through sponsored grants.

Weekly, Santa Teresita Community Center distributes bread to the members of the community every Wednesday through donations made by South Texas Food Bank and their partners.

BCFS Healthy Start is a nationally-recognized program that provides medical care and case management for women who are pregnant or raising a child under the age of two for teh purpose of reducing infant mortality, preventing child abuse and assisting families in meeting basic health needs (nutrition, housing and psychosocial support). BCFS Healthy Start mobile care bus visits every other Thursday (twice a month) to provide services to the colonias.

Healthcare providers host Loterias for the residents in the area in exchange for great information about living healthy and to discover new services available to them.

Our center is also equipped with a Technology lab that has 6 computers to assist residents of all ages with research on the internet, write papers, and for job searching.

There are many events that take place throughout the year, like health clinics, fairs, Loterias, camps for kids during school vacations, presentations, radKID trainings, plus much more. Please feel free to come by or call the center anytime and ask what events are taking place. We are here to help you in the best way possible. With your help we can continue to provide these exceptional services and bring many more to your reach.

Thank You,

Santa Teresita Community Center Staff

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