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If you received a jury summons to report to jury duty; please complete the questionnaire online by logging in at: or thru our automated phone system at (956) 523-5211. Jury trials have resumed and your participation in the administration of justice is very important.

If you have any questions regarding your JURY SERVICE, please call (956) 523-4241 or email us at

We continue to mail qualification questionnaires for the purpose of qualifying potential jurors for future jury calls. If you receive a qualification questionnaire, please complete online or thru our automated phone system. Please DO NOT report to jury service.

Due to the nature and security of your information, please keep in mind that you have 60 minutes to complete and submit your online juror questionnaire before the session times out.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Central Jury Room at (956) 523-4241 or email us at



There are three (3) possible locations Jurors may be summoned to report to:

  1. If summoned to report to the Webb County Justice Center you may park at the Webb County Tex-Mex Parking Lot, located at 1200 Washington Street Laredo, TX 78040. Central Jury Room is located on the 2nd Floor of the Justice Center, 1110 Victoria Street. You may also park at any city parking meter. If you get an expired meter ticket, please present it to the Central Jury Room staff for further handling. Parking vouchers will be handed out to those in the Tex-Mex Parking Lot, it is recommended to park at this location.
  2. If summoned to report to the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Fine Arts Center Theater, you may park at their parking lot located at Laredo College, West End Washington Street.
  3. If summoned to report to the Bill Johnson Student Activity Center (SAC), you may park at their parking lot located at 5208 Santa Claudia Lane.


Upon entering the Webb County Justice Center, you will be required to go through a magnetometer. All briefcases, purses, bags, and packages will be x-rayed by security. You may be required to remove belts with large metal buckles. The following items are prohibited in the building: firearms, knives, scissors, cameras, chemical sprays, metal belts, work tools, video and audio recorders, or any other sharp object or weapons. You may be asked to return to your vehicle any items which could be used as a potential weapon. Also, you will be required to go through an infrared thermometer and/or health checks.


Persons with disabilities who need special arrangements to participate in jury duty should call the Central Jury Room at (956) 523-4241.


All potential jurors will be receiving a Certificate of Service for their attendance.


Jury service may vary from one to several days, depending on the trial in which you serve. You will serve for the entire length of the trial.


It is suggested that jurors reporting to jury duty eat breakfast as we do not know when or if the Court will break for lunch. Further, if you require any special medication due to health reasons, please bring these items with you.


Attendance pays $ 20.00 for each day or fraction of a day while a person is in attendance in Court as a prospective juror but not selected and $ 58.00 for each day or fraction of each day if selected for jury duty service and sworn in to sit on a jury. If excused from jury duty, you will not be compensated for jury service.


Pursuant to Texas Government Code §61.003 you have the option of donating all or a portion of your juror reimbursement to the following charitable programs: (This is strictly voluntary)


(Click on one of the below links for a map of your reporting location)

  1. Webb County Justice Center, 1110 Victoria Street
  2. Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Fine Arts Center Theater (Laredo College), West End Washington Street
  3. Bill Johnson Student Activity Center, 5208 Santa Claudia Lane

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